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About Naxos

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About Naxos

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Naxos Island is one of the most popular destinations due to the unique beauty of the landscape and the charm and grace of its cultural wealth that are being promoted for centuries in the most indisputable way by its own people, the Naxians.

The temple of Apollon, the Old Town, the castle, the archaeological museum and the churches are some of the must see for every visitor. The music, the singing and the dancing in Naxos along with its gastronomic art are some of the reasons for Naxos' reputation all over Greece and the Greek islands.

The traditional villages, the crystal clear waters, the charming beaches and the friendly and hospitable Naxians ensure you unforgettable holidays and relaxing vacation.

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   Plaka, Naxos, Greece
Tel.: +30 22850 41035 / +30 22850 42113
   Mobile: +30 6942 837699